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1. Within 48 hours of receipt of your membership fee, we will ship you our comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow ‘Meet the Investors Training Manual’. This manual includes a detailed learning system, forms and documents, step-by-step directions to succeeding and overcoming any obstacles. It contains the critical knowledge which is needed to understand today’s foreclosure opportunity.

2. Guidance necessary to locate and lock up distressed properties and e-mail support for one year. Simply send us an e-mail at  We will respond within 24 hours to your most urgent questions.

3. The opportunity to make 9%-50% of the purchase price. That’s $9000 on a $100,000 home (which is more than a typical real estate agent makes).

4. Our “Match up Service” introduces you to serious investors (if you are a locator) who are looking for foreclosure properties that you find and evaluate on our website. As an investor you will have access to many qualified foreclosing properties.

5. We provide you password access code to our Evaluator Website to help Locators determine whether a property is a good deal for investors.

6. As an added bonus, you’ll receive the acclaimed book by Dr. Harsimran Singh, Ph.D.A to Z of Foreclosures- Real Estate worth Millions Acquired with $101 a $24.95 value. This book has been praised as a valuable resource by real estate developers, investors, brokers, lawyers and media personalities.


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